Monday, December 9, 2013

DIY lettering gift tags

I often prefer to print directly on tags and labels over my own dinky handwriting. For this reason any time I send out a greeting card to family and friends I end up printing addresses directly on the envelopes (see here and here). This print at home method on my inkjet printer doesn't always fare well and often times results in paper jams, misalignment, and a waste of far too many sheets of paper and my TIME. I'm a sucker for good gift wrapping (see my Pinterest board here) and wanted to make pretty parcel tags for my Christmas gifts this year without royally screwing up my printer.

I came across this post from Indie Craft Parade showing how to make your own chalkboard lettering signs transferred from printouts. Genius! I decided to give this a go using pencil and pen and my trusty font library.

I've long since admired Nelly Script for its dreamy flourishes that I can't even come close to replicating by hand. It also just rings holiday cheer.

I printed out my name tag on regular printing paper sized to fit on my parcel tag.

On the backside of the printout I covered the area of the letters with a pencil scribble, then flipped this backside onto the parcel tag.

On the frontside I traced over each letter, applying pressure for the pencil scribble to transfer.

Lifting up the paper reveals a faint transfer that I then traced over with a ball point pen to complete.

Voila! You can transfer any graphics or fonts you like onto abnormal surfaces without busting your printer. Give it a try!

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