Friday, November 22, 2013

2013 Holiday Gift Guide: The Hostess

I'm far from gifted in culinary talents; give me a can of soup and I'm a happy camper! That's what makes Thanksgiving all the more special for me is that I finally get to partake in a home cooked meal that isn't of the canned varietal. Of course I will need to show my appreciation to our hostess {in this instance MOM} for said meal, and have rounded up some appropriate gifts that should do the trick nicely. This will kick off my weekly Holiday Gift Guides and will continue on into Christmas to include gift ideas for all those special people on your lists.

Though I may not be blogging on the regular anymore, this is one of those columns that I like to make time for every year; I even used to write a regular gift guide column over 10 years ago {oy!} for my high school newspaper, so you know this has been my jam from way back. So let's get back to that hostess, shall we?

1 // This elegant glass bottle looks good sitting out on the counter
2 // These botanical sachets fill closets with a yummy berry scent
3 // A series of 5-course dinner meals organized by season
4 // Colorful woven basket to fill with trinkets
5 // Chalkboard labels lets you personalize these cute jars
6 // This baguette board just looks like the holidays!

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