Friday, November 29, 2013

2013 Holiday Gift Guide: Gal Pals

Happy Black Friday if that's your jam today. Mmm, I think I'll just stay in bed all warm and comfy and do some virtual shopping for my gal pals thankyouverymuch. There have definitely been times when I'm shopping for the ladies in my life that I'll fall in love with something so much that I'll end up snatching up the gift for myself too. Pretty much anything gold and shiny catches my eye in that must-have way, so I assume the same can be said about my gal pals.

1 // What modern gal doesn't love a statement necklace? "None" is the answer.
2 // Ladies understand the need to have sweats that don't look like they're from Costco.
3 // This company makes books out of your Instagram photos! Like a chic scrapbook.
4 // Prettier than iPhone headphones, and COOLER too.
5 // For Girls Night In. Pairs well with a cabernet and The Princess Bride.
6 // SugarPaper for Target??? Yes please.

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Blue Penny Films website

Site design by Victoria Kutsuris
Good news! We've published our website for my sister and mine's film business, Blue Penny Films! With a name like Blue Penny it was easy for me to design a corporate identity of blue dots set on a black film background. A color + a tangible object = no duh branding. A big thanks goes out to my work colleague, Michael who helped me code the thing and put up with me flip flopping and changing my mind throughout implementation. We're excited to hit engagement season with the proper tools in place to showcase our business! More to come soon!

Friday, November 22, 2013

2013 Holiday Gift Guide: The Hostess

I'm far from gifted in culinary talents; give me a can of soup and I'm a happy camper! That's what makes Thanksgiving all the more special for me is that I finally get to partake in a home cooked meal that isn't of the canned varietal. Of course I will need to show my appreciation to our hostess {in this instance MOM} for said meal, and have rounded up some appropriate gifts that should do the trick nicely. This will kick off my weekly Holiday Gift Guides and will continue on into Christmas to include gift ideas for all those special people on your lists.

Though I may not be blogging on the regular anymore, this is one of those columns that I like to make time for every year; I even used to write a regular gift guide column over 10 years ago {oy!} for my high school newspaper, so you know this has been my jam from way back. So let's get back to that hostess, shall we?

1 // This elegant glass bottle looks good sitting out on the counter
2 // These botanical sachets fill closets with a yummy berry scent
3 // A series of 5-course dinner meals organized by season
4 // Colorful woven basket to fill with trinkets
5 // Chalkboard labels lets you personalize these cute jars
6 // This baguette board just looks like the holidays!

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Friday, November 1, 2013

Free download >> November desktop calendar

Though the weather outside may be frightful, I'm feeling all kinds of warm and happy to be able to celebrate the holidays with my ever growing family this year. This will be me and Matt's first holiday season as a married couple which means a Kutsuris family Christmas card is a must. In addition to picking up a husband, Matt's sister's boyfriend proposed last weekend! I'm so happy with our little growing family.

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // Graphic by Victory Paper Designs

I captured the aforementioned proposal as part of Blue Penny Films' mini channel, Blue Penny Too, which are a series of camera phone snippets from our everyday lives. It was an honor to be included in the whole process which included the cutest jack-o-lantern set up which took my sister-in-law by total surprise. Congratulations to these two, I can't wait to help dive into the wedding planning process!!

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