Tuesday, September 3, 2013

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Remember when you were in school and September marked the start of a new year? I always wanted to pull a Winnie Cooper and show up for the first day of school with a drastic new look worthy of a slow motion entrance through the halls. Unfortunately in real life that wasn't as easy as removing braided pig tails and thick rimmed glasses...like duh, that chick was already a hot girl just charading as a nerd!

Anyway, it got me thinking about our year to year lives as adults and the fact that we only have the New Year holiday as a chance to start anew. Can't we still take September as an opportunity to have a mini start-over? Maybe a chance to freshen up our wardrobes for Fall or promising ourselves to perform better at work. I know I'd like to finish up some projects around the house for it to look presentable for company over the Holidays...maybe the house itself could be deemed worthy of its own slow motion entrance?? (gasp!)

Goodbye summer, you've been a BLAST.

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