Friday, March 22, 2013

Engaged cuties

In gearing up for our engagement pictures, we knew we wanted an overlying theme that would tell our story and be representative of this time in our lives together as a young, engaged couple.

When Matt and I first met, we lived a little over an hour apart from each other. During the week we would talk on the phone and Skype and when the weekend hit we would take turns packing up our bags and stay at each other's houses for the weekend. I'd hit the winding roads of Sonoma County with Penny in the passenger's seat while the Rent soundtrack killed time (and killed my vocals) and would spritz some perfume at the 10 mile mark all in anticipation of seeing my hunky guy.

So it seemed only appropriate to us to make our photo shoot roadtrip inspired! We borrowed my step-dad's 1957 Thunderbird convertible and scurried over to some country roads outside our home. We had so much fun posing in the streets (with the occasional Wayne's World "Car!...Game on" from my parents) and being generally smiley and in loooove. Our super talented and all around cool gal photographer, Danielle, captured it all and I'm so obsessed with them. The anxious butterflies for the big day are seriously kicking in!!!

D.Lillian Photography

Friday, March 1, 2013

Free download >> March desktop calendar

Something about March makes me think of sunshine and happiness...maybe because March is the month that Matt and I first met! I'll never forget that nervousness jumping off the bus in San Francisco and doing a quick makeup check in a parked car mirror before strolling in to that diner to meet "the hot scientist house-flipper" from the internet. It's funny to think that he was once just a stranger on the other end of a computer and now he's about to become my husband! Funny what can happen when we push ourselves outside of our comfort zone, huh?

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