Monday, February 4, 2013

New in the shop // Bridesmaid card printables

Let me tell you, planning a wedding is no easy feat. I seriously have a new appreciation for all the swoon-worthy weddings plastered all over the blogosphere that I've been oogling over for the past few years. It's really been an uphill battle to pull this wedding together from venue restrictions {no balloons, no candles, no suspended decorations...} to caterer rental items {I have to rent each and every damn utensil from you people??? REALLY?! Praying to God that no one drops their fork on the floor} and of course the fact that I bought my dress 4 months ago only to find that now it no. longer. fits. Things are just peachy over here.

One thing I was sure not to overlook though, was the proper invitations to my lovely ladies to be members of my bridal party. Afterall, they'll be the ones on the big day that will convince me that the "stuffed into my dress" look is hot, and that the paper pom poms at eye level are totally how they'd do it too.

I put together boxes for each of my girls filled with adorable gifts like this super soft leather pouch, and this tiny gold bar friendship bracelet. I included information sheets about their dresses, the venue, the rehearsal, etc. I finished them off by designing a "Will you be my bridesmaid" card and wrote sentimental messages in each.

And right now I'm offering the cards in my online shop as printables! You can print them on your own cards, or maybe even on coasters or balloons...whatever! Each set comes with bridesmaid, maid of honor and matron of honor graphics, so you can have a matching bridal party set.

Happy planning, ladies! Hopefully y'all are having an easier time than me. xo


  1. Dear Victoria, I feel your pain. Trying to decide on a venue now - the cool ones require more time AND money, and the easy ones are generically nice.

    But at the end of it all, you'll be happily married! So cheers to that!

    1. Dearest Pheebs,
      Yes, it's totally trying to break away from the generic look that can be challenging! We're up to our ears in DIY crafts, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Congrats on your engagement!


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