Monday, January 7, 2013

Shoot for the moon

Whew! Happy New Year, friends! Now that the craziness of the holidays are behind us, I'd like to take the next couple of weeks to share a project that is near to my heart that I worked on tirelessly in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

This year's Christmas presents for my friends and family I created illustrated quote art prints with hand drawn details and lettering. I found a different inspirational quote for each of my loved ones that I felt spoke true to them and went to work with my pencil and scanner to create unique, one of a kind prints. Please note that the photos I used under my lettering were pulled from various sources on the Internet. I do not plan on selling any prints that used these photographs and simply printed one count of each for personal gifts for my family and friends.

Let's begin! Thank you for letting me share these with you! xo

{ Victory Paper Designs } Photo here

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