Friday, September 21, 2012

15 fall essentials

Fall is my favorite season: a time to cozy up inside by the fire, crunch fallen leaves, trips to the pumpkin patch and countless Starbucks runs for PSLs {double, tall, 4 pump with whip is where it's at}. Here are some other essentials for the season...

Pink peacoat. Just because it's fall doesn't mean it has to be drab. I love this warm peacoat from JCrew in a bright hue with sparkly gold buttons.
Knit sweater. A big, loose sweater is so charming.
Boots with hardware. Adds interest and edge and keeps your feet dry walking through the inevitable puddle.
Home sweet home print. I'm focusing on sprucing things up around our house since our afternoons will now most likely be spent under a blanket on the couch.
Scented candle. Around the holidays, Matt's mom lights up her entire home with scented candles. I love walking in the front door to the yummy scents and am going to start lighting up our house too.
Match holder. For our fireplace and those candles. Isn't the squirrel too cute? He'd be like our little helper.
Colored clutch. Adds a little pop of color to your outerwear neutrals.

Long sleeved jersey knit dress. Perfect for layering under a coat paired with wool tights.
Infinity knit scarf. Keeps you warm without the unecessary dangle of a traditional scarf.
Wool socks. Best suited with a chic pair of boots.
Patterned silk blouse. A dose of feminine style to break up the heavy world of knits.
Red lipstick. Pairs perfectly with flushed cheeks from the autumn breeze.
Colored toe ballet flats. I live in my ballet flats, and a little colorblocked toe is an easy way for these flats to be a little more special than the every day shoe.
Wooden serving platter. I always put out snacks for our guests, even if they're coming over as a casual stopby. Cheese and crackers would look so handsome on this board.
Emerald colored jewelry. I'm obsessed with pairing this stone with so many neutrals...especially with the charcoal grey of that jersey knit dress!

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