Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My mini house tour

Today I wanted to share with you guys a little sneak peak into my home! Matt and I bought this 2-bedroom, 2-bath townhouse back in March and we've been having a blast decorating and furnishing our little bungalow. I'm very satisfied with the way the dining and living room have come together; the other rooms in the house, eh, still need a little work and unfortunately they're not high on the priority list at the moment.

My favorite things about our house are the high vaulted ceilings and light filled rooms. We also boast these really cool views of the wilderness from our balcony; the perimeter of our neighborhood is surrounded by a thicket of trees and unoccupied hills which are home to deer, wild turkey and the occasional stray cow.

Matt and I each painted our own meditation circle to reflect our energy in the space. He's left-handed so I think it's really cool that our circles rotate in opposite ways. I love our coffee table with its hairpin legs and jagged edge made from salvaged wood by my online buddies Elpis & Wood.

The dining room set is my favorite thing we've put together. The table is from Room & Board and is made from old recycled whiskey barrels. I adore all the cracks and imperfections. The chairs are knock-offs but are seriously legit, they feel the same as the designer version but we got 4 for the price of 1. I painted the imperfect stripes artwork; the gold paint sparkles in the sun.

And of course you gotta have your design bibles...next to the bar...

Our house has become my favorite place in the world. I love cooking dinners here with my hubby and enjoying a warm summer night on our balcony with a bottle of wine. This. is. happiness. Thank you for letting me share my little world with you.

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