Friday, August 3, 2012

Breakfast at Victory's No. 7 >> Breakfast grilled cheese

After my breakfast banana split concoction a few weeks ago, I tried to think of other ways to transform a meal into the breakfast variety. I was really craving a grilled cheese sandwich for breakfast and wanted to use some leftover brie from a wine get-together from the night before. So how do you make a grilled cheese sandwich appropriate for the first meal of the day? Well, you put an egg on it of course.

Obviously, there's no real recipe here to list. I filled the bread with brie and shredded cheddar {the only kind we had readily available}, and topped with sliced grape tomatoes. I grilled the sandwich on the stove until it was all melty and gooey and then cooked an egg sunny side up which I topped on the sandwich and sprinkled with garlic salt {a seasoning I'm far too obsessed with}. I ate mine with a fork and used the bread to lop up the egg yolk. It was a cheesy breakfast treat that I'm sure I'll be making again.
Have a wonderful weekend, friends. xo.

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