Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Home of the Brave

Hulse Photography

My sister and her husband are US Marines. You may remember when I designed their wedding invitations for them last year. Today Justin is on a plane being deployed to Afghanistan. No matter what your political views are, let's not forget the courageous acts that these men and women do for us every single day. Freedom is a privilege, not a right. Tomorrow when we're out celebrating our nation's independence, remember these individuals who have and continue to sacrifice their lives for us. Come home safe, Justin. xoxo times a million -V.


  1. Well said! Good luck to Justin and a special thanks to all the courageous members of the military for all they do and sacrifice, including our sis Katie ;)Awesome blog/site Victoria.
    -lynmoto <3

    1. hey thanks SL, nice of you to stop by. see you in the car -milhouse


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