Monday, July 2, 2012

Free Download: July desktop calendar

It was such a breeze to collaborate with my sister in last month's calendar that I'm collaborating with her again for July! This shot comes from a trip she took with her boyfriend to Bodega Bay. I love that in the Bay Area we can take beautiful, scenic day trips from mountains to beaches without much hassle. I have a feeling Matt and I will be spending weekends at the beach with these guys a lot this summer. Btw, if you get my lobster reference in the picture it's undisputed that you rule.

Photo by Saralyn Tsurumoto // Graphics by Victory Paper Designs

{terms and conditions}
This desktop calendar is free for personal use, not for commercial distribution. If you wish to blog about this download please link back to this page and not the downloadable image. Do not sell, distribute, or copy this image. Enjoy your calendar!

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