Monday, June 18, 2012

Welcome to Victory & Company

Victory & Co.

So this is pretty much what I was doing last week instead of posting blog posts. Welcome to my new blog, Victory & Company!

I've had this idea of rebranding the blog heavy on my mind for months. I had first started my blog a year ago in hopes of kick starting my paper shop, Victory Paper Designs. I wanted a place to share my designs and personal projects without committing to an official inventory of items; I would just show the blogging masses what I was capable of and be like, look what I can do! Somebody hire me!!

Honestly, I got sick of that real fast. Even looking back on those designs that were just a year ago makes me grimace. I hadn't designed in my own style since design school, and I wasn't really sure what my personal style was quite yet. The blog helped me find my voice, helped me push myself to present work that I could feel proud of. It's a little embarassing that it had to happen in a public space, but I think it shows my ability to grow and perfect my craft over time.

Well now it's a year later. Victory Paper Designs is flourishing on its own thanks to Etsy: I had a plethora of brides this spring to work with, I made my first sale to a retailer, the lovely Beam & Anchor, and I'm in the process of developing wrapping paper calendar v2.0 after all the positive feedback I received last year! {it's gonna rule, just a heads up} I feel happy and excited about the direction that my business is moving in!

So then where does that leave the blog?? The poor blog was suffering from an identity crisis. It was named after my paper shop but I was talking about colored jeans??? It was a gradual transition that the blog started to become a place where I shared all the things that I loved and inspired me, from retail roundups to style guides and DIY. As a graphic designer and avid magazine reader, I love sharing these finds and creating cute little layouts to accompany my posts, but this had nothing to do with VPD in any way. And so after much debate and back-and-forths in my own head, Victory & Company was born.

Victory & Company will be just that: my business ventures from new products, projects, sales and appearances as well as the company of others that I admire; I'm working on developing more original content and features as well. {Bear with me while I work out the kinks, resize posts in the archives, etc.!}

As I embark down this new road of blog-dom, I'd love to hear your feedback, comments, how your day was, anything! Afterall, we're all in this blogging thing together, and the best way to make a community thrive is to encourage and participate and I promise I'll always do the same. Thanks for your support, it means the world to me. xo-Victoria

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