Thursday, May 3, 2012

NEW in the shoppe: Desert Walker Mini Notebooks

Desert Walker Mini Notebook

I have a habit of toting around a notebook with me wherever I go. Sure my iPhone has a notepad, but sometimes I'll need to sketch out a pattern that comes to me or scribble out a message or to-do list that just can't be accomplished on a little touch screen.
Desert Walker Mini Notebook
 Our newest addition to the Victory Paper Designs shoppe are these cool Desert Walker Mini Notebooks that are small enough to throw into your handbag and have at your note jotting beckon call. The pattern is inspired by a graphic Native American blanket that I came across {and ironically sketched out in my notebook!} and reinterpreted in my own way. So summery, right? Head on over to the shoppe to pick yours up! xo

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  1. These are gorgeous!


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