Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A housewarming gift guide

With me and Matt's big move coming up, I thought what better time than to share some lovely housewarming gift ideas with you guys {and maybe dropping a few hints to those generous friends and family of mine!}. I once heard somewhere that it was bad luck to show up to a new home for the first time without something in tow, so the next time you're attending a housewarming or just dropping by to check out your friend's new digs, consider gifting one of these goodies as a token of well-being for a happy home.

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 Cookbook. Now that we have the space, we plan on hosting a bunch of dinner parties for our friends! Now we just need to learn how to cook...I got this cookbook from my sister for Christmas, and I love flipping through it to admire the cute illustrations and artistically photographed dishes.

Serveware. To serve food in for said dinner parties. Wouldn't these serving bowls be great for pastas and salads?

Trays. You can use them to hold your barwares, magazines, keys, or any other area around your house that could just use a bit of organization. I love how colorful these ones are from West Elm.

Personalized return address stamp. This one has the most beautifully stylish calligraphy that looks way better than my dopey handwritting in the corner of an envelope.

Foo dogs. In China, foo dogs, or "guardian lions" are massive stone sculptures that are placed on either side of Imperial Palaces' front doors to protect the home. These small trinket versions can be placed on a tabletop in an entryway.

Succulents. I have no green thumb, so I feel pretty bad when people gift me plants that end up dying in a week. If you gift me a succulent, chances are the next time you come over it'll still be thriving on its own instead of in a heap of rotten plant goo in some forgotten corner.


  1. okay, anthropologie has been killing it with their bowls! every time i see a cute set of bowls, it's anthropologie's. =P too stinking cute!

  2. What a great guide! I love the bowls.

  3. These are great housewarming gift ideas! I would love to recieve any of these lovely gifts!

  4. The bowls are lovely and those foo dogs are really cool. For all the the frilly girly things I love, I have a weird thing for gargoyles and they kind of reminds me of them. Great post, as usual.

  5. Saying that it is bad luck to be at a housewarming without any gift, we especially like some of these yin-yang lucky decor that would bring good luck to the new home owner. These are inexpensive and always bring smiles to the recipient.

  6. I like your #6 gift suggestion the most - succulents. Giving plants as a housewarming gift goes beyond just being decorative. In fact, it means that the giver is wishing the receiver a prosperous life. Maybe the specific cook book that you have suggested can pass off for more than just a cook book as well. Since it's titled "Chicken and Egg," perhaps you could say that you are keeping the trespassers away from the receiver's home with the housewarming gift. After all, a housewarming gift of a rooster signifies such. Want to learn more about what different housewarming gifts stand for? Read this infographic: http://www.mymove.com/blog/housewarming-traditions-around-the-world-infographic/?blogId=747769 (Housewarming Traditions Around the World Infographic)!


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