Friday, December 9, 2011

We're moving!

{ Victory Paper Designs }
Matt and I have been house-hunting for a awhile now, but this notice of our relocation isn't cause for celebration just yet. We've had one deal come close only to have it fall through in negotiations, and have now run out of time on our lease to our rental. So this weekend, we'll be packing up and moving out to Pleasanton, the town we've been looking around in, but to a temporary housing situation for the time being.
For those who aren't familiar, Pleasanton is a cute little suburb nestled into rolling farmland further inland and about an hour out from SF. It has the most charming little historic downtown strip and Livermore is an up and coming wine valley just next door. I'm excited to establish my go-to spots around town, and am hoping they've got some great printers nearby! {that aren't Kinkos...}

I'll still be running operations of Victory Paper from my usual desk and kitchen table, only now from my new town of Pleasanton. I'm hoping we'll find a home soon and am excited for this new chapter in Matt and mine's life together!

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