Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Roundup: Skully

With the Halloween weekend about to be upon us, I thought it would be only fitting for this week's Roundup to feature skulls! As a former Hot Topic kid, I used to love incorporating skulls into my wardrobe {paired with my cargo pants and checkered prints! Ah, the 90s...}. I still have a fondness for the little guys, and will pick out a skull print from time to time when I'm feeling especially rockin' on any given day.

Have a Happy {and safe!} Halloween! xoxo
1. Alexander McQueen skull scarf // 2. DL & Company Gold Delft Skull Journal via MadeByGirl // 3. Skull watch from Hot Topic // 4. Skull portraits by Peppermint Plum // 5. Iron Fist Sugar Hiccup flats from Sourpuss // 6. Sugar cube skulls by dembones // 7. Open Skull bangle by Emily Elizabeth // 8. Skull and bones ice cube tray from Infmetry

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