Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Roundup: Chunky

Whether it be chunky or oversized, there's a charming quality in these clunky appearances. It's almost as though you're rockin items that weren't meant for you, like your boyfriend's sweater, a gilden embellished mirror from a castle, or the feeling of trying on your mother's jewelry as a child only to drown in jewels.

1. Dana alabaster chunky sweater from Reiss // 2. Smoke and mirrors ring by Kate Spade // 3. Chunky letterpress cards by Beast Pieces // 4. Cleary heels from Anthropologie // 5. Ornate mirror via tumblr // 6. Classic Jenna bracelet by JCrew // 7. Rugged bench via Rose et Lis // 8. Thick-rimmed glasses via Express-o

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