Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Roundup: Diamond in the rough

I love materials that are a little rough around the edges. Anything slightly worn in and a little beat up gives the appearance of a natural beauty that hasn't been run through a machine in some factory a million times. Just a little imperfect for a raw look in which an item's life of being loved is shown in its rugged exterior
1. Live edge coffee table via Emily Henderson // 2. Knit sweater via tumblr // 3. Frayed roses bath mat from Urban Outfitters // 4. Cozy throw from West Elm // 5. Worn leather wallet via tumblr // 6. Rough diamond stud earrings by LexLuxe // 7. Natural bark edge cherry burl bowl by JLWoodTurning // 8. Pigeon Toe Ceramics // 9. Wish Big cake

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